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VTPI Newsletter: 2010 TRB Special

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  • Todd Alexander Litman
    ... VTPI NEWS ... Victoria Transport Policy Institute Efficiency - Equity - Clarity ... January 2010 TRB Special ... The 89th Transportation Research Board
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                   VTPI NEWS
              Victoria Transport Policy Institute
                 "Efficiency - Equity - Clarity"
                  January 2010 TRB Special
      The 89th Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting takes place next week, 10-14 January 2010 in Washington, D.C. ( http://www.trb.org/AnnualMeeting2010/Public/AnnualMeeting2010.aspx ). The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is involved in TRB in several ways. Below are highlights.
      Sustainable Transportation Indicators Subcommittee (ADD40-1)
      Monday, 11 January 2010, 8:00AM- 9:45AM; Hilton, Kalorama
      Agenda at: http://pressamp.trb.org/conferenceinteractiveprogram/EventDetails.aspx?ID=16224&Email =
      This Subcommittee is working to develop appropriate performance indicators for evaluating transport system sustainability. VTPI Executive Director Todd Litman chairs this Subcommittee.
      "Is VMT A Good Or A Bad?"
      Transportation Economics Committee
      Tuesday, 12 January 2010, 8:00AM- 9:45AM; Hilton
      Todd Litman will give a brief (5-minute) presentation on recent research concerning transportation economic development impacts ( http://www.vtpi.org/econ_dev.pdf ). The research indicates that in industrialized countries, per capita GDP tends to increase with:
      * Higher fuel prices
      * Higher per capita public transit ridership
      * Higher land use density
      * Lower per capita vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
      * Lower per capita lane-miles
      This indicates that policy and planning reforms which improve transport options (better walking, cycling, public transit, etc.), more efficiently price vehicle travel (better road, parking, insurance and fuel pricing), and create more accessible, multi-modal, smart growth communities tend to increase economic productivity in addition to their social and environmental benefits.

      "Sustainable Transportation Indicator Data Quality and Availability"
      ( http://www.vtpi.org\sustain\TRB_2010_STI_Data.pdf)
      Poster Session 437: Coming to Grips with Sustainability: Framework Approach
      Tuesday, 12 January 2010, 9:30AM- 12:00PM; Hilton, International Center
      This paper investigates the quality and availability of data required for sustainable transportation indicators. It finds that much of the information required is already collected, but inconsistencies in definitions and collection methods, a lack of disaggregation to appropriate geographic scales, and difficulties accessing data reduce the utility of this information. With relatively little incremental costs, transportation professional organizations could improve the quality of transportation-related statistics to facilitate transportation research, policy analysis and planning.
      "Are Vehicle Travel Reduction Targets Justified?" ( http://www.vtpi.org/vmt_red.pdf )
      Panel (Debate) Session 499: Vehicle Miles Traveled Reduction Targets: Will This Strategy Get the Desired Results?
      Tuesday, 12 January 2010, 1:30PM- 3:15PM; Hilton, International West
      Several current and proposed transportation policies include targets for reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Proponents and opponents will debate the benefits, drawbacks, and viability of VMT reduction targets.
      Todd Litman - Victoria Transport Policy Institute
      Patricia L. Mokhtarian - University of California, Davis

      Alan E. Pisarski - Consultant
      Samuel Staley - Reason Foundation
      "Comprehensive Transport Planning: Best Practices in Planning for Sustainable Development" ( http://www.vtpi.org/comprehensive.pdf )
      Workshop 717: Role of Integrated Planning in Developing Sustainable Transportation Strategies
      Thursday, 14 January 2010, 8:00AM- 12:00PM, Hilton
      Workshop Description: While most transportation professionals intuitively understand that transportation is a means to many ends rather than an end in itself, transportation planning processes are often driven by a narrow perspective derived exclusively from within the transportation industry. This workshop will address the role of integrated planning in developing sustainable transportation strategies. ( http://pressamp.trb.org/conferenceinteractiveprogram/PresentationDetails.aspx?ID=36751&Email = )

      Todd Alexander Litman
      Victoria Transport Policy Institute (www.vtpi.org)
      Phone & Fax 250-360-1560
      1250 Rudlin Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3R7, CANADA
      �Efficiency - Equity - Clarity�

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