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World Streets and SLoCaT Partnership - next steps

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  • Eric Britton
    cid:image002.png@01CA4479.A08C6ED0 Paris, Tuesday, 01 December, 2009 Thanks for the heads-up. Glad to oblige. Here is what we are doing: 1. Added
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      Paris, Tuesday, 01 December, 2009

      Thanks for the heads-up. Glad to oblige. Here is what we are doing:


      1.     Added http://www.slocat.net/ to our list of key sources and links

      2.     Added http://www.slocat.net/ to our combined search engine for World Streets which scans 137 leading projects, programs and sources working in our shared areas of interest worldwide

      3.     Also added you to our Knoogle.net combined search engine which reaches out to, now with this latest edition, 938 programs, etc. worldwide.

      4.     Both of these appear on the top left column on World Streets (and if you want further background on how it works, have a look at http://newmobilityagenda.blogspot.com/2009/11/1-2-3-world-streets-quick-search-update.html

      5.     Website: Since you have plenty of room in your right column, you may want to take a page out of our book and pop in at the bottom a summary of RSS leads from leading daily sources. We are told that these are useful to some of our readers, visitors. (You will see that we have added you there, though in principle this is only for sources publishing daily in our area of specialty.)


      Missing in action:


      We very much wish to do a feature article on this great effort, but need something to work with.  Here is what interests our thousands (see http://newmobilityagenda.blogspot.com/2009/11/map-who-is-reading-world-streets-where.html ) of readers:


      ·         What is SLoCaT?

      ·         Why is it being done?

      ·         What are your exact targets?

      ·         What are the means at your disposal that make you think you will be able to get the job done?

      ·         How are we to judge your contribution, success or failure?

      ·         What do you expect will happen next?


      In short, people like stories, and while you are developing a pretty good website, we still don't have your story.


      It would be great to have this ASAP so that we can use our pages to garner attention to what you are targeting for Copenhagen.


      And great good luck!




      With all good wishes,




      Eric Britton

      Managing Director



                   Read World Streets Today at http://www.worldstreets.org/

      New Mobility Partnerships  �C http://www.newmobility.org

          8/10 rue Joseph Bara,     75006 Paris,  France, Europe   

                +331 4326 1323  eric.britton(at)newmobility.org   Skype: newmobility



      From: Bongardt Daniel GTZ 4413 [mailto:daniel.bongardt@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, 01 December, 2009 10:48
      Subject: UPDATE: SLoCaT Partnership Website - http://www.slocat.net


      Dear all,


      Only 5 days and 23 hours left to Copenhagen. I am pleased to announced, that a revised version of the SLoCaT website is now available at www.slocat.net (and www.sutp.org/slocat). It looks best in Firefox. Many thanks to Cornie, who contributed to the further development.


      Now, I would kindly ask you to:

      a)     Include links to slocat.net on your webpage (see logo attached) �C Thanks to those who have already done so.

      b)    Provide posts about activities of your organizations linked to slocat. As we here at GTZ see this as a platform for all partners, everybody is free to announce activities or events that are relevant for the partnership.

      c)     Announce the webpage in your Newsletter, mailing lists, announcements etc. I will include it in the Bridging the Gap Newsletter which now has about 500 subscribers interested in transport and climate change,

      d)    Continue to comment on the webpage, in order to improve it step by step.


      Please send relevant posts and comments to me and always CC the webmaster Matthias Gauger (m.gauger@...) and Cornie.


      We intend to further improve the site after Copenhagen, however, we think it’s important to be online and thus visible. Thanks again to all who contributed to the webpage. Looking forward to see many of you in Copenhagen. We will also promote the partnership at the TRL Stand in the Bella Center (Thanks Holger!). Will anybody bring the brochure/flyer?, I do not have the final version.

      Best regards

      Daniel Bongardt         
      Transport Policy Advisor       

      German Technical Cooperation - GTZ
      (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH)


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