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RE: WorldTransport Forum [World Streets] Sustainable transport on the road to COP15? "We are a generation of great talkers."

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  • Lee Schipper
    IMHO we are not ready. Transport is not a party to CO2 talks. Local, regional, and national transport stakeholders – planners, mayors, transit operators,
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      IMHO we are not ready.  Transport is not a party to CO2 talks.  Local, regional, and national transport stakeholders – planners, mayors, transit operators, developers, walkers, bikers are only there if they are invited by their delegations or as part of a true blizzard of interesting side events. I was in Kyoto and others through Cop 6, then again Montreal and and Bali . I will be in Copenhagen just before the beginning for a meeting of a special study on CO2 and transport in 2050, There will be an open side event Saturday Dec 5, followed by a reception with a jazz group known as “Lee Schipper and the Mitigators”.


      What was notable about Kyoto was the little guys from the car industry through the “Global Climax Coalition”, a solid contrarian group at the time of mostly America car and fuel companies. They were wearing “badges of convenience”, in that case the “International Chamber of Commerce.”  They contributed nothing to the discussion, although a few were helpful at the various transport-related side events I had organized for the International Energy Agency. General Motors and Honda participated in one side event in the Hague (COP 6) with constructive comments, as did Volvo Bus.

      At Bali , I co-organized with the International Transport Forum an SRO event on transport, but mostly focused on tailpipes.   Local councilors and others who do have political power were there, but only as observers.


      And IMHO, while transport is crucial to solving the problem because over the long run transport – Co2 has grown more than other major sources—CO2 is just NOT a driving factor to total transport costs, externalities, or even variable costs.

      Have a look here at our latest report, focused on Latin America but suggesting a total reframing of the problem.



      Last year a major global NGO asked me to write a paper explaining how transport could be part of the CO2 process we call “ Kyoto ”, how the “North” could aid the “South”, etc.

      demurred. Shall “we” pay ”them” not to be like us? Do we have some magic low-CO2 technologies? Can CO2-related money (i.e., CDM) possibly add up to anywhere near the trillions that go into roads and expensive metros systems? Will small change undo what mayors, transport ministers and other authorities have been unable to do, namely break the lock of the car on development? I wish it were so.


      So maybe we are not ready and should not have high expectations, particularly with the US still in its usual state of disarray and denial, in spite of what I would term positive leadership from our new White House and departments of Transport and Energy and the EPA.


      Lee Schipper, Ph.D.


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      Sustainable transport on the way to COP15? "We are a generation of great talkers."


      As we gear up for the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, it is fair to ask: how optimistic can one reasonably be concerning our ability at this critical juncture to meet the enormous challenges facing our planet , and our sector of responsibility, in time to make the needed big adjustments needed to make the necessary differences in the years immediately ahead? Are we ready . . . this time?

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