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      TML Newsletter

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      October 2009

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      With the summer holidays behind us, it is time again to put on those reading glasses. To get you started, we present you the third TML newsletter of 2009 with some light reading.

      Griet De Ceuster & the whole TML team




      TREMOVE SCP-car
      A new episode in the TREMOVE development story: the SCP-CAR project for IPTS is completed and the final report is available on our website. In this project TML researchers upgraded the TREMOVE model and analysed 2 very topical policies: First, the impact of eco-taxation on consumer purchase behaviour and CO2 emission and second the impact of scrappage schemes on emissions, car sales and total welfare. Interested in our findings?    read more...

      Kris Vanherle 

      E40 - Sint-Truiden: analysis of different infrastructure improvements for the connection between the E40 motorway and Sint-Truiden    read more...


      European Road Safety Action Program
      The European Commission plans a new Road Safety Action Program (2011-2020). DG TREN uses the joint expertise of TML and its partner TRT to analyse the efficiency of a large number of previously and currently proposed actions that are to be included in this Program. TML is responsible for the impact assessment of the different possible policies that can be envisioned in order to achieve the newest traffic safety targets by 2020.    read more...

       Lars Akkermans

      The future of ISVAG
      The intercommunal cooperation ISVAG (Intercommunale voor Slib- en Vuilverwijdering van Antwerpse Gemeenten) in Wilrijk is investigating how she can continue to fulfil her societal role for waste disposal, after 1 September 2011 (at which point her environmental licence expires). TML, as partner in a consortium of private companies, will study the current situation and several future scenarios for the waste incineration plant.    read more... 

      Sven Maerivoet

      GhG TransPoRD: reducing greenhouse-gas emissions of transport beyond 2020    read more...
      LGV in the road transport market: Light Goods Vehicles in the road transport market of the European Union    read more...
      ISEEM Benelux: integrated spatial-economic model Benelux   


      • TML has a booth at the 4th ITS Belgium Traffic Technology Conference, October 22, Brussels
      • September, Tom Voge had a book published on 'Automated Transport Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility - A Study of Potentials, Limitations, and Deployment Barriers', Verlag Dr. Mueller (VDM)
      • September 22-25, Karel Spitaels and Sven Maerivoet, 'SUSTAPARK: Duurzaam Parkeerbeleid', published by the XXIth 'Belgisch Wegencongres', Gent (paper, pdf, in Dutch)
      • September 21-25, Tom Voge gave a presentation 'The CityMobil City Application Manual - A 'Tool Box' for Planners and Local Authorities' and a presentation/poster 'Automated Urban Transport Systems - A Decade of EC-funded Research and Development' at the 16th ITS World Congress, Stockholm, Sweden
      • September 17, Tom Voge was invited speaker presenting 'The CityMobil City Application Manual', 'The CityMobil Business Case Tool' and on the panel for debate on 'Innovative Mobility and the City of the Future' at European Mobility Week Event/CityNetMobil Showcase, Clermont-Ferrand, France (presentations, pdf)
      • August 24, Griet De Ceuster explained on Radio 1, "Vandaag", why statistics show that commuter transport does not grow, while traffic jams still grow.
      • July 2, Tom Voge as invited speaker presenting 'The Main Provisions of Directive 96/53/EC and Directive 2002/7/EC', 'Impact Assessment for the Analysis of the Adaptation of the Rules as established in 96/53/EC' at EC DG Enlargement/TAIEX Seminar on Weight and Dimensions for Road Vehicles, Ankara, Turkey (presentations, pdf)


      • Did you know that the number of traffic casualties in 2008 was lower than in 1950 for the first time, the year of the first traffic statistics with 1051 traffic casualties. The car fleet grew 12 times in the meantime, from 550,000 vehicles in 1950, to 6,500,000 vehicles today. There is however still a long way to go to reach the objective of 500 traffic casualties in 2015.
      • 42 euro: The average annual budget for each Belgian car that will be spent on tickets and fines if the latest proposed traffic law enforcement measures are implemented.








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