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[World Streets] Reminder: Sustainable development is a personal combat. ...

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  • Eric Britton
    There is something deeply personal, non-institutional,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2009

      There is something deeply personal, non-institutional, non-administrative that lies at the core of our uphill combat for sustainable development in all its necessary varieties and forms. In the heat of the day to day action one can lose sight of this, and that is a fundamental error. And then, even if we lose pace a bit, something happens and we gain sight of this again. For example yesterday.

      We had a very personal reminder about this yesterday morning, when received a note from out long time friend and respected colleague Peter Newman, announcing his return to action after a brush quite literally with death. I have asked for and received his permission to share portions of his note with you here.



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