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[World Streets] Report from South Africa: Wheeling and Healing

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  • Eric Britton
    One billion needful people live in Africa and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2009
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      One billion needful people live in Africa and when it comes to sustainable mobility they are not getting a lot of help from the wealthy North. It's not that they need us to send them all our treasure, that's not the point. It's our example that counts. Let's start to give dignity to sustainable, healthy behavior on our own streets and we will have done out part. Gail Jennings reports on biking prejudices in South Africa.

      Wheeling and Healing

      - Gail Jennings, Eyes on the Streets Seniin Capetown

      CAPE TOWN, Aug 5 (IPS) - Every weekday morning, a stylish procession leaves the offices of MaAfrika Tikkun NGO in Delft, Cape Town; bumps and jolts through the gravel entry gates; then hits the tar and scatters into every corner of the township...

      "Those people, they are mos kwaai jong (now very cool) - they drive a bicycle now..." says an envious onlooker.


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