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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2009

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      I know Bill Mitchell and this lab very well. They are a great group that thinks far outside the box -- and this how I would characterize the role of the Media Lab (although I am not an expert).

      They have done a terrific job of capturing the public's imagination. And they have offered up an image (and images) that the press adores and gets used often. We can and should learn from that. I have.

      Is a row of shared cars for short-distance travel a good use of dense city curbsides? No.

      Is the idea of inductive power generation along major blocks throughout metro areas a realistic option (especially financially) any time soon? no

      Are one-way shared vehicles going be operationally viable in the near term? No (witness Velib).

      Does the one-size vehicle replace car ownership in cities? No, doesn't meet all call mobility needs.

      Does a one-form factor of vehicle take advantage of the diversity of vehicles that distinguishes car sharing from car ownership? No.

      Bill and his lab have heard me say all these things. I continue to like them and admire their work. They are doing a lot of things right. Note, they got the award.

      Posted by Robin Chase to World Streets at Thursday, 30 July, 2009

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