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[World Streets] "Solving humanity's most pressing pr oblems". Comments?

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  • Eric Britton
    The Buckminster Fuller Challenge Each year
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2009

      The Buckminster Fuller Challenge
      "Each year a distinguished jury awards a $100,000 prize to support the development and implementation of a strategy that has significant potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problems and the 2009 results are in!" (All graphics and text here taken from prize announcement at http://challenge.bfi.org/home


      From Buckminster Fuller Challenge release:
      Congratulations to the winning proposal by the Smart Cities Group at the MIT Media lab: Sustainable Personal Mobility and Mobility-on-Demand Systems.

      2009 Grand Prize Winner: Sustainable Personal Mobility and Mobility-on-Demand Systems

      And here it is:

      * For full article click to http://challenge.bfi.org/home

      Your comments are warmly invited here.

      Posted By Eric Britton to World Streets at 7/29/2009 11:40:00 AM

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