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[World Streets] Taxis for sustainable mobility

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  • Eric Britton
    Featured on World Streets today Taxis are a vital
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      Featured on World Streets today



      Taxis are a vital actor in the New Mobility Agenda. There can be no doubt about that. However, for various reasons – historical, institutional, jurisdictional, work and ownership patterns  --they are often hard to bring into a unified big picture. For this reason, World Streets is pleased to share with you this announcement of the International IRU Taxi Forum in the run-up to COP15 in December. More will follow.


      Click to http://www.WorldStreets.org/  for full article.


      To comment, once you have read through the aritlce, you will see the Comment link at the end.  World Streets welcomes discussion.


      Eric Britton

      Managing Editor


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      Posted By Eric Britton to World Streets at 7/18/2009 03:53:00 PM


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