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[World Streets] Governance: The politics of transportation

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  • Eric Britton
    Two cheers for the market. Not three. *
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2009

      "Two cheers for the market. Not three."*

      http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_kbTo-M_pSuw/Sio1BvMpfII/AAAAAAAAA3I/LZqokfKUuaE/s200/ws-blobel.jpgGünter Blobel is one Nobel Prize winner who is not resting on his laurels. Friday's New York Times published an Op-Ed piece which goes right to the heart of the concerns and priorities of World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda - the politics of sustainable transportation and the need for wise governance to provide the dynamic frame that is needed for the energies of democracy to work. We thank Dr. Blobel for agreeing to share his thoughts with World Streets.



      *  Full text and additional  background of project here – click to www.worldstreets.org for full article

      Editor's comment:
      Here we have a perfect microcosm of the kinds of conflicts we face every day and in every corner of this beleaguered planet in the struggle for sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives. On the one side, inertial attitudes and broadly shared failure to recognize the imperatives of this very different new century. And on the other, a failure of the proponents for change to reach deeply enough into the issues and choices to convince.

      We intend to keep on with this governance dialogue which to our minds is not getting nearly enough attention. It is of course deeply political, and that is the one area in which progress is most needed. How to get a strong majority of citizens behind the sustainability agenda? Stay tuned.


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