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  • Eric Britton
    WorldStreets - The planet’s only sustainable transportation daily. Help make it happen. Subscribe and support.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2009

      WorldStreets - The planet’s only sustainable transportation daily.

      Help make it happen. Subscribe and support.


      http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kbTo-M_pSuw/SiY5-ZEt6yI/AAAAAAAAA0k/z8GbBahWOMk/s200/little-girl3.jpgWorld/Streets is today, after three months of proving its worth, edition after edition, day after day, to more than thirty thousand visitors coming in regularly from more than forty countries on all continents, is now reaching out to get active subscriber support so that we can continue. The tough reality is that we will be unable to continue publication unless we have your support.

      The annual subscription has been set at 29 Euros ($39.00 if you prefer) -- the same price as for a subscription to Velib's great and otherwise free shared city bike service. This strikes us as a good model, since like Velib once you have signed up the rest is free.  First class sustainable mobility for all.  Help yourself. And help the world. 

      So please, if you can possibly afford it, get out your virtual check book and click here  to send us your 2009 subscription today. 


      How to transfer funds: To pay by credit card or PayPal, kindly click here  for easy  step by step instructions. If you need help or additional payment instructions for bank transfers or payment by  check, click  here.


      Subscribers will have full access to all sections of the site, and will as well receive the monthly summary edition which will be available only to them. You also for your money get a guided tour to Vélib, Mobilien (BRT), "breathing streets", our "political tramway" and the other remarkable highlights of the ongoing process of sustainable transport innovation in Paris when your travels bring you here. Also, we are here to answer your questions and review eventual problems or projects with you by email or Skype. It is very much an active subscription.

      Please note: In more than twenty years of international collaborative networking and sustainable transport project support in the New Mobility Agenda and all its support programs/focus groups, we have never asked for payment or contributions of any sort. So if we are asking you for your support today, you can be sure that it is needed. Thanks for bearing this in mind.

      And what happens if you cannot afford to subscribe?
      We are well aware that a number of our readers, particularly those in the poorer developing countries and unfunded local environment and transport groups, cannot afford even such a small amount. To you we have three messages of solidarity.

      First, please do continue to come into World Streets and make use of the hard work of all those who are pitching in here. We need you to carry on with your work and contributions, and if we can help you in this way, so much the better.

      Second, we invite you to keep an eye on what is going on in your city and country, and when appropriate let us know of projects, problems, accomplishments, which will help us all to better understand the full complexity of our shared task. One excellent way to do this, is to sign in to the World Eyes on the Street network, for which full details are available if you click here.

      Finally, send us a simple email message telling us that you appreciate and are making use of our work. And perhaps a few suggestions and reactions for us to consider as we strike to do better. Also, if we have a large number of these messages of support, this will help in our search for longer term funding to support this work. After all, we have to be sustainable too.

      Thanks to those who have already pitched in:

      Over this first three months we have received paid-in subscriptions and other support from about twenty of our international colleagues. This is very heartwarming and while only a small part of what we need to be able to continue publication, is extremely encouraging. So from the bottom of my hear, thank you for showing your support and solidarity.

      If you are interested to know about other forms of support needed beyond simple subscription, I invite you to click here.

      World Streets. Tying the global and the local together five days a week all year long.

      Eric Britton
      Editor, World Streets

      Tel: +331 4326 1323 Skype ericbritton





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