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    Today was launch day for World Streets, the new daily collaborative newspaper of the New Mobility Agenda. You can pick it up this morning at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2009

      Today was launch day for World Streets, the new daily collaborative newspaper of the New Mobility Agenda. You can pick it up this morning at www.worldstreets.org. As usual it is free.


      During the month of March we intend to copy to this site the main communications and materials emanating from the Journal so that you can start to familiarize yourself with it and determine if it's going to be a valuable tool for you and possibly for your colleagues.  Then on the first of April, we will cease this and it will only be the members of the New Mobility Café who will receive these materials.  So if you find it useful enough, I would ask you to sign in as well to the Café, for which all you have to do is to send a blank e-mail to NewMobilityCafe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


      Actually making this work as well as it must is quite a technical challenge; I will spare you the gory details today, though eventually I would like to share some thoughts with you on this and ask you for your counsel.


      In the meantime I post a copy of the launch letter sent out today to several thousand  contacts in more than 40 countries with whom we have communicated on the topic of sustainable transportation and sustainable cities over the years.


      I very much hope you find some interest and use of this.


      Kind regards


      Eric Britton



      Paris, 2 March 2009

      Dear friends and colleagues around the world,


      Today, March 2nd  2009, is the opening day of a new 21st century newspaper devoted to concise and independent reporting on leading edge developments in the field of sustainable transportation worldwide.  Entitled World Streets you can pick it up for the first time this morning at http://www.worldstreets.org.


      This collaborative initiative of the New Mobility Agenda  can be described in a few words as follows: 


      1.       Authoritative information on leading edge thinking and practice in the field of sustainable transportation, world-wide.  

      2.       Focusing on transport in cities

      3.       Tackling above all the challenges of how to achieve big, fast greenhouse gas reductions

      4.       On the lookout for measures, projects and policies that are going to pay off within two to four years.


      Our goal is to make World Streets focused enough, concise enough, and interesting enough to be worthy of your attention on a regular basis.  


      World Streets is the latest collaborative project of the New Mobility Agenda, an active force for change and improvement in the transport sector worldwide since 1988.


      Stay in touch. As always your comments, inputs, and insights will prove to be our success.


      Eric Britton

      Founder and Collaborating Editor

      World Streets 


        New Mobility Partnerships  http://www.newmobility.org

             & check out World Streets -- www.Worldstreets.org

            Europe:   8/10 rue Joseph Bara,     75006 Paris,  France   

              T:  +331 4326 1323  or  +339 7044 4179   Skype: ericbritton


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