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957raise the price of fuel and give the money back

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  • 'Ian Perry'
    Dec 25, 2008



      Hi Simon,

      Before we can start increasing fuel duty, we need to "break" the hauliers and farmers and prevent more fuel protests... 

      First, we have to get the Polish government and and others on board, or introduce charges on lorries coming over from Europe to please our hauliers.

      Then we have to realise that turkeys raised in Norfolk should not be sold in the UK if they are processed in Hungary - likewise with UK milk, bottled in Poland to be returned to the UK to be sold as local produce...

      Cities need in introduce freight consolidation to reduce the number of delivery vehicles - as in Freiburg and apparently Bristol (in a very limited scheme) too.  Once we have the freight lobby under control, then we can start to tackle "domestic" mileage with fuel tax increases.

      We also need to tighten up our parking controls.  I park just outside of Cardiff fr free, making the unreliable 2 an hour (perhaps) slow bus service both more expensive and slower than driving most of the way and walking the remainder of the journey.  I was shocked one day to return to my car at 6pm and see streets where I have to search for a parking space almost empty...  it seems that many people do likewise.  We also have a problem with parking on cycle paths and pavements - and often they are police vehicles - or the officers private vehicles outside their place of work.  Add to that the council only charges £3 a day for parking in central Cardiff... where every space is taken by 8:30am and you see, that much more could be done before we start increasing fuel duty.  Oh, and let those who choose to sleep in the countryside (and live in the city) complain...

      Best regards from this foreign land


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      From: Simon Norton
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      Date: 12/17/2008 08:05AM
      Subject: [NewMobilityCafe] raise the price of fuel and give the money back

      In Europe the price is higher but still not high enough, so Lee Schipper's
      prescription is still valid. I would, however, recommend that in the UK at least
      the money should be given back in the form of reduced bus and train fares rather
      than tax cuts. That way people hard hit by any increase could recoup their
      losses by changing modes, possibly also changing their travel patterns to make
      this possible. We still have enough buses and trains in most areas to make this
      possible, but for how much longer ?

      Simon Norton


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