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93Re: [WorldTransport] data search: city energy, air pollution, transport

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  • Roger Gorham
    Apr 15, 2002

      The good news is that there probably is a database that at least could
      begin to meet your needs: the Newman and Laube ("Millenium Cities")
      Database. They've looked at 100 cities around the globe, and partitioned
      city-regions along the same lines as you have suggested. The bad news is
      that it isn't cheap; it costs about 1000 euro, so you'd probably have to
      convince your department to buy it. It's available from the
      International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

      I'm not sure I completely understand what you describe as the underlying
      assumptions of this project, but they may not be valid. You say that
      your assumption is that more "mobility" leads to more energy efficiency
      and less air pollutant emissions. You will need to clearly define what
      you mean by "mobility" and "energy efficiency" in order for that
      assumption to have any meaning. Many people (mistakenly) use the terms
      "mobility" and "accessibility" interchangeably. If you actually mean
      "accessibility" (i.e. enhancing the capacity of households to access
      goods, services, information, and activities) then your assumptions may
      make sense, depending on how you measure accessibility. If you mean
      mobility in its literal sense (i.e. enhancing the ability of people to
      move around), then your assumption is much more problematic. If people
      need to travel more to meet their daily needs, then a reduction in
      per-mile-driven emissions of CO2 and local pollutants may not translate
      into an actual reduction per capita or per unit of GDP. (Again, how are
      you measuring energy efficiency?)

      Roger Gorham

      On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Eric Britton wrote:

      > Can anyone help Takatsugu ?
      > Subject: data regarding to city energy and air pollution performance and
      > the transportation network
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Takatsugu Kobayashi [mailto:tk0126@...]
      > Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 8:52 PM
      > To: wtpp-editors@...
      > Subject: Urgent Help please for my project
      > To whom it may concern:
      > I am currently a first year master student at Yale School of Forestry
      > and
      > Environmental Studies studying urban environmental planning and
      > management.
      > My primary interest is the linkage between the transportation network
      > and
      > people's transport modal choices, therby impacting energy use and air
      > pollution concentrations in the urban areas. I am currently collecting
      > and
      > analyzing the datasets of the cities selected based on the website
      > http://www.metroplanet.net My project is based on the assumption that
      > the
      > more mobililty the transportation network provides the residents, the
      > more
      > energy-effieciency and less air pollution concentrations each urban city
      > can
      > attain. Due to the global trend of heavy dependence on the automobiles
      > have
      > impacted the urban areas. I would like to explore the above trends in
      > the
      > cities I selected and compare the city performance, and hopefully make a
      > recommendation on the transportation planning to enhance the city
      > ecological
      > performance.
      > Hence, I wonder if you or any institution you might know have any pieces
      > of
      > data regarding to the city energy and air pollution performance and the
      > transnportation network (e.g. the number of stations available in each
      > area
      > of the urbanized city settings: Central Business District, Inner City,
      > and
      > Suburban City Area, the number of tranfer stations, and so on) I truly
      > appreciate if you could help me with the data or refer my project to any
      > one
      > you know that specialize in the urban transportation/environmental
      > planning
      > agencies.
      > I appreciate your time.
      > Thank you very much.
      > Sincerely,
      > ------------------------------------------
      > Takatsugu Kobayashi
      > Candidate for Master in Environmental Management
      > Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
      > takatsugu.kobayashi@...
      > ------------------------------------------
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