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913Commenting the San Francisco RFQ (Request for Qualifications)

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  • Eric Britton
    Nov 4, 2008

      Dear Carshare friends,


      I would like to invite comment here if you think it useful – i.e., via email to WorldCarShare@yahoogroups.com – on the San Francisco RFQ (Request for Qualifications). Again, the base documents are available at http://mission.sfgov.org/OCABidPublication/BidDetail.aspx?K=1694


      To get the ball rolling, let me offer . . .


      1.     “The City and County of San Francisco is seeking qualified candidates to provide car sharing/rental services in order to maximize efficiencies and meet the mobility needs of city employees, while minimizing cost, fuel consumption, and vehicle emissions.”

      2.     At first glance it looks like a very useful approach, aiming as it does specifically to target city employees (I’d like to see that in EVERY carshare project) as well as providing specific (though provisional) geographical targets.

      3.     The documents refer to them repeatedly as “rental vehicles”. And “rental pool vehicles”.  (Striking me as a good commonsensical way of seeing all this.)

      4.     The encouragement with solid incentives for provision of services by local business enterprises.

      5.     And for non-profits

      6.     I note the very tight time schedule for the RFQ responses (barely two weeks).  I guess this implies that the city team

      7.     Very useful that the city team provides specific accounting background on the costs of operating vehicles in their own conventional city owned/operated fleets ($7,364/year). Provides a nice solid benchmark.

      8.     My first reading seems to indicate that the successful operator will be able to redeploy vehicles for more general service in non-peak (for city employees’ needs) periods.)


      Let me leave it at that for now, since I am sure that you comments will be more useful than mine, given that many of you here have years of direct hands-on experience.


      The final point I would like to draw to your attention, however, is that this is very much in line with our main 2009-2012 goal for World Carshare – namely to see how we can thought this collaborative network and our own contributions bring information, materials, ideas and perspective to cities so that they can become stronger partners in carsharing that really works.


      I look forward with real interest to your comments.


      Eric Britton