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9[wtpp] The Politics of Sustainability

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Mar 13, 2000
      Further to (a) yesterday's message from Kjell Dahle on the topic of the fall
      of the latest Norwegian government's on the grounds of its refusal to
      undermine environmental policy there and (b) yesterday's referendum in
      Switzerland which garnered 21% of the votes for a proposition for steady and
      massive reduction in traffic over the next ten years (and which can be seen
      either as a thundering defeat or pretty encouraging first try at gaining
      support for this sort of initiative depending on your point of view), we
      have decided to open up a new working area under The Commons that will
      attempt to provide an independent international forum for information and
      discussion of these matters. You can find the rough first cut of the
      Politics of Sustainability site today at http://www.ecoplan.org/politics.

      In a first instance we are beginning by developing these ideas through an
      exposition of available materials on and discussions of the actif-trafic
      initiative, as a test case of sorts. And once we have our basic template,
      we intend to push out coverage in the coming weeks so as to provide in time
      a much broader base. Among the concepts that have already been targeted to
      get us started: the original Zurich U-bahn referendum, the Car Free Day
      approach, ISTEA, the original California LEV/ZEV legislation, and yet

      If you check out the site, you will note that we are trying here to stretch
      considerably beyond the limits of the usual discussion lists or Web fora, to
      the extent that our goal is to provide various ways in which the information
      and various views and discussions can be stocked and then called up in some
      convenient way when needed. You can see how we have done this in other
      cases with some rather good results, including for example the Car Free Day
      site at http://www.ecoplan.org/carfreeday/ and the @World carshare site at
      http://www.ecoplan.org/carshare. That anyway is the general idea.

      We think this could be a timely and potentially useful move. The politics of
      sustainability clearly needs more work. I hope you will have a look and
      give us your reactions, inputs and guidance on all this. It will be much

      Eric Britton

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