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883FW: your nominations for small/medium sized cities showing outstanding accomplishments

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  • Eric Britton
    Oct 7, 2008
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      *  * * Kindly share this posting with your lists and colleagues. Thank you. Eric Britton


      Dear Friends,


      Can you take a minute to share with us your nominations for small/medium sized cities showing outstanding accomplishments in moving to sustainable mobility and sustainable lives?  Showing the way for other cities in need anywhere in the world.


      ·         Medium-sized = let’s say, less than 500,000 people. Small: less than 100,000.


      ·         Europe, North and Latin America, Asia Pacific, and please if anything at all: Africa and the Middle East.


      We need real examples, of projects and progress – not promises and plans. And we need to be able to draw up short fact-based profiles, of each with URLs, citations, references and other checkable indictors of accomplishment.


      In a first instance though, just the city name, perhaps a URL and some quick indication of why you think they just might be an example for our plundered planet.


      We are losing, and losing big, the war on sustainable development and social justice. But if we can keep putting forth telling  examples to give courage and show the way, that is already a start.  


      Thanks for your good ideas,


      Eric Britton


      PS. Look at today’s map of people coming into the New Mobility Agenda café. Kind of what you might expect I am afraid. But what about those great swaths of virgin white running left to right starting in Africa and spreading though virtually all of the Middle East and on through the countries of the former Soviet Union.  Hmm.


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