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8653 questions - to give cycling a higher profile in many cities

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  • ggardner@worldwatch.org
    Sep 5, 2008

      Hi everyone--


      I am new to this listserve and hope  you can offer some guidance.


      Here at the Worldwatch Institute we are planning to undertake a new project to give cycling a higher profile in many cities worldwide.  Part of the plan will be to produce a Worldwatch paper on the topic next year (which happens to be the 20th anniversary of one of the most popular Worldwatch Papers ever, "Vehicle for a Small Planet" by Marcia Lowe).  But there will also be a heavy outreach component to give the paper legs, and impact.


      I am writing for advice.   Because we want the paper to have impact, we need to be clear about our audience and our strategy for impact.  You can help by answering these three questions:


      1)  Based on your experience with these issues, would you advise that we target our research and writing to


      --city elected officials?

      --city policymakers/bureaucrats?

      --sustainable transport NGOs?

      --mass public?


      --some combination of the above?


      2) What strategy (what coalition, what outreach, what networks, etc) would you advise us to employ in addressing these audiences?


      3) Do you have any suggestions for funding sources that could underwrite such a project?


      Thanks so much for any suggestions!


      Gary Gardner

      Co-Director, State of the World 2008

      Worldwatch Institute


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