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843"Sustainable transport reform in cities - Knowledge Building and International Collaboration in a situation of high emergency"

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  • Eric Britton
    Jul 31, 2008

      Dear Friends,


      Susan Zielinski, in the framework of a recent brainstorming conference organized by the SMART program (Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation - http://um-smart.org/resources/conference/overview.html)  of the University of Michigan, asked me to report to the group on my experience and thoughts on the issue of “New Mobility - Knowledge Building and International Collaboration in a situation of high emergency”. Hmm.


      Well, I took as my starting place a look through our various programs and communications over the years and came up with the following first-cut list of groups and website that we consult frequently in our own work. (You can access the full presentation in a largish PPT file freely available to you at http://www.ecoplan.org/library/newmob-networks.pdf )


      A couple of points about this listing: (a) It is missing some important sources, which perhaps you can bring them to our attention. And of course (b) it reflects our particular angle on sustainable transport reform in cities: heavy emphasis on the on-going climate catastrophe and the need for immediate, far-reaching remedial measure and reforms. And if the energy and resource issues are right up there at the top of our concerns, along with those of the huge inefficiencies of our transportation arrangements in most cities, there is also our constant preoccupation with social equity as one of the vital underpinnings of all programs and initiatives that we now need to launch without further hesitation. (If it ain’t just, it won’t be sustainable).


      Anyway, here is the list concerning which I would be most pleased to have your comments and suggestions. These I will shortly make available to our various networks and collaborators so that we can all get back to work with even more energy and determination on these issues. It helps greatly that we are not alone.


      Eric Britton



      1. New Mobility Agenda
      2. C40 - Large Cities Climate Leadership Group
      3. Clean Air Initiative (CAI)
      4. Climate Alliance of European Cities
      5. Clinton Climate Initiative 
      6. ELTIS - European Local Transport Information Service  
      7. T&E - European Federation for Transport & Environment  
      8. Global Alliance for EcoMobility 
      9. global Transport Knowledge Partnership              
      10. Embarq - Center for Sustainable Transport  
      11. iNSnet Foundation  
      12. International Transport Forum    
      13. Institute for Transportation &Development Policy 
      14. Livable Streets Network
      15. Sustainable Cities Net
      16. Sustainable Urban Transport Project
      17. Victoria Transport Policy Institute
      18. World Business Council for Sustainable Development
      19. World Carshare Consortium
      20. World City Bike Collaborative