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838Legal redefinition of bicycles as public transport?

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  • Eric Britton
    Jul 16, 2008

      Sorry to overload you here, but here’s a thought that came out of a video exchange that I had with Bina Balakrishnsan of the Mumbai Transformation Project this morning,  which I would like to see if we might usefully discuss in the New Mobility Café (posting address: NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com .


      The idea is to propose in some place a legal definition of non-motorized two/three wheelers as Public Transport. (This thought  comes to mind in the context of our public bike work where they are increasingly being referred to as ‘private/public transportation’.  And in some places as public transportation without even that qualification. Can we move from words to action on this in some useful way?


      If we were to have this in hand, might it not start to make an enormous difference, opening up our mental spaces as well as legal room for action.  


      That might be a first step to a real revolution – High quality, zero-carbon, resource efficient, 21st century  mobility for our cities and for our lives.


      It is so important to draw the right lines on the court before starting to hit the ball. ;-)


      How and where can we start to do this (if indeed it is a good idea in the first place)?


      What about batting this around a bit here?


      Eric Britton




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