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78Re: [WorldTransport] TransMilenio/Metro comarisons/benchmarks

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  • Andrew Offenbacher
    Oct 14, 2001
      Dear Friends,

      Greetings from Almaty, Kazakhstan! Although I'm
      currently engaged in work outside the realm of
      transportation, someone may wish to undertake a study
      of the metro here at some time in the future. The
      construction of the (as-yet inoperative) metro here
      was begun before the collapse of the Soviet Union and
      was frozen due to lack of funding. It seems that
      there is a renewed interest in completing the project,
      and hopefully the project will be completed in the
      not-so-distant future. In the meantime, the air
      quality in the city leaves much to be desired as the
      number of private vehicles skyrockets. Fortunately,
      the nearby Tian-Shan mountains have plenty of fresh
      air and provide a much-needed refuge for the city

      Best wishes to all,

      --- Eric Britton <eric.britton@...> wrote:
      > In speaking with Oscar Diaz today about the latest
      > TransMilenio ridership
      > results in Bogota, he mentioned that they are now
      > carrying on onto something
      > on the order of 600k people a day on 38 kms of
      > busway. Hmm.
      > Now suppose they had instead decided two years back
      > to build a metro. Where
      > would they be today? How much would they have
      > spent? How many passengers
      > would they have already transported? What positive
      > impact on the env would
      > that choice have had on the city.
      > Which brings up a suggested little project for
      > anyone who has the wit, time
      > and desire to give this a whack. Namely, the
      > construction of a "time line"
      > and a series of order of magnitude benchmarks which
      > would compare say their
      > TransMilenio project with a recently completed metro
      > in a Third World city.
      > Year by year comparisons of what happens and what
      > impacts are achieved. And
      > $ by $. This could be very trenchant and useful
      > indeed.

      Andrew Offenbacher
      Argonne National Laboratory
      Nonproliferation Graduate Program Representative
      Nuclear Technology Safety Center (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
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