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74TransMilenio/Metro comarisons/benchmarks

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  • Eric Britton
    Oct 12 8:31 AM
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      In speaking with Oscar Diaz today about the latest TransMilenio ridership
      results in Bogota, he mentioned that they are now carrying on onto something
      on the order of 600k people a day on 38 kms of busway. Hmm.

      Now suppose they had instead decided two years back to build a metro. Where
      would they be today? How much would they have spent? How many passengers
      would they have already transported? What positive impact on the env would
      that choice have had on the city.

      Which brings up a suggested little project for anyone who has the wit, time
      and desire to give this a whack. Namely, the construction of a "time line"
      and a series of order of magnitude benchmarks which would compare say their
      TransMilenio project with a recently completed metro in a Third World city.
      Year by year comparisons of what happens and what impacts are achieved. And
      $ by $. This could be very trenchant and useful indeed.

      For more on the TM side, you can contact Oscar at diazoe@... or
      (212) 629-80001.

      I am sure that we would all be very eager to see how this works out. And

      With all good wishes,
      Eric Britton

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