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729New Mobility in Paris - Profile on Velib' project for revi ew and comment

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  • Eric Britton
    May 3, 2007
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      Dear Friends,


      As the planet warns I am slaving away to complete as quickly as my brain and energies permit an independent thinkpiece and over report for the Clinton Climate Initiative team on outstanding transportation innovations coming out of Paris, of which one of five selected short listed projects profiled for international attention is the Velib’ project which is just now getting into gear but which has a fascinating history and indeed track record.


      I have it in shape now to the point where it is ready for review and comment, and if any of you feel comfortable with the topic I would be pleased to send it on.


      If I say this is “an important project”, please understand that this is a gross understatement.  It is a transforming project and we are going to see it sweep from city to city around the world at a speed which leaves congestion charging looking like a turtle.


      Background on the Clinton project can be found vie http://co2.newmobility.org.


      Eric Britton




      New Mobility in Paris



      The search for new

      ideas and approaches

      for a sustainable city


      May 2007


      Eric Britton

      The Commons: Open Society Sustainability Initiative

      8-10 rue Joseph Bara

      75006 Paris, France