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726Re: WorldTransport Forum William Vickrey, Principles of Efficient Congestion Pricing

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  • Anzir Boodoo
    Apr 30, 2007
      On 29 Apr 2007, at 18:20, Eric Britton wrote:
      > At the bureaucratic level there is also the tendency to be
      > satisfied with the status quo, especially where tenure of office is
      > relatively secure. Even where change is obviously called for, it
      > tends to come in homeopathic doses and to follow lines of
      > proportional adjustment along traditional patterns rather than
      > break into innovative territory. There is also a "not invented
      > here" syndrome that is especially prevalent among large
      > organizations that regard themselves as sui generis.

      Maybe this bit made me smile because my sister is a homeopath, but
      surely part of what we are looking for in all of this is a
      "homeopathic" solution ("like cures like" - maybe instead of
      homeopathic medicine, where an excruciatingly small amount of
      something that gives you the same symptoms is used to treat you, it's
      the opposite - immense amounts of car usage by others makes your own

      OK, so you want to drive around everywhere, so does everyone else...
      so let's make the streets more congested, and parking more difficult.
      It stands to reason that this works, because the very cities that are
      deemed to be the worst to drive around in have the highest levels of
      non car use...

      We are the new homeopaths!

      Anzir Boodoo MRes MILT Aff. IRO
      transcience, 72 Staplehurst, BRACKNELL RG12 8DD
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