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713Small surprises. Getting messages across - Think about this

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Dec 30, 2006

      A civil society “project”:


      So . . . our dear friend Robert Stussi goes to Groningen to spend a few ways with Hans Monderman last summer and at one point walks out onto the street, pulls out his ancient video camera, and films ninety seconds of unexpectedly commented street life in that wonderful place that has actually decided what kind of community it wants to be.


      But what to do with it?� Well, Robert modestly pipes it over to me to have a look, and I say, terrific! let’s pop it over to both Google Video and YouTube, and then get out the word and set up a few links on the New Mobility Agenda site (you can check it out if you have not already seen it, via http://www.newmobility.org then Brainfood on the bottom left menu) and see what happens. Well before you can blink your eyes no less than (as of today) 1384 people visit the Google version and 465 from YouTube. �Hmm. �


      What’s the point? Well, here is one small almost costless move on the part of, I really think we can call it civil society – Monderman, all those who he has managed to convince with his work over the years, Stussi, the two guys in the street, all those others out their walking and on their bikes, and even the drivers who nicely become part of a new fabric of society, and you and me �-- �and I just have to believe that it is going to have its own bit of impact. We have to do this one small step at a time. And here is one great example.




      Eric Britton