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699European Mobility Week/Car Free Day February workshop in Brussels - Ready to pay for participants expenses

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  • Eric Britton
    Dec 2, 2006
      In Town Without My Car! UK

      To encourage participation in 2007 European Mobility Week, DG Environment of the European Commission and Committee of the Regions will host a workshop together with the European Mobility Week campaign in Brussels on 7-8 February 2007 entitled ’A change for the better!’. Info here: http://tinyurl. com/yjnfak

      The following message just in from Richard Evans addressed to his UK program members at http://www.itwmc. gov.uk, in which he informs their group about this interesting offer, is certainly worth passing on to all of you.


      So if you are from Austria, or Belgium, or Cyprus, or Czech, or Republic, or Denmark, or Estonia, or Finland, or France, or Germany, or Greece, or Hungary, or Ireland, or Italy, or Latvia, or Lithuania, or Luxembourg, or Malta, or Poland, or Portugal, or Slovakia, or Slovenia, or Spain, or Sweden, or The Netherlands . . .


      Or:  Bulgaria, or Croatia, or Macedonia, or Romania, or Turkey . . .


      May I suggest that you get in touch with the organizer, Johanna Lampinen at johanna.lampinen@... and let her know that you are ready to fly your city’s flag in Brussels. Her full contact information:


      Johanna Lampinen
      The European Commission
      DG Environment (BU9 00/201)
       E-mail: johanna.lampinen@...
      Tel +32 2 296 7756
      Fax +32 2 296 9569


      And of course it would be great if upon retuning home, you were willing to take the time to sit down and explain to us what you learned and wish to share with all of us.


      Great initiative Richard (and Johanna). Kindest thanks.


      Eric Britton





      Posted by: "Richard Evans" richard.m.evans@...   richard_mark_evans

      Fri Dec 1, 2006 8:29 am (PST)

      I sent a message here recently about this workshop.
      Info here: http://tinyurl. com/yjnfak

      Now I am encouraged byJohanna Lampinen at EC to let you know that they are willing to pay for two city representatives from each EU member state to attend this workshop.

      Please contact me ASAP if you want to use one of those free places.

      Best regards
      Richard Evans
      In Town Without My Car! & European Mobility Week UK Co-ordinator
      richard.m.evans@ ntlworld. com
      http://www.itwmc. gov.uk
      http://www.22septem ber.org


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