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698Re: WorldTransport Forum Bicycle Travel Time/Speed Surveys

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  • Jan Gehl
    Nov 28, 2006
      Try to contact Landscape Architect Niels Jensen of the City of Copenhagen, Road & Parks department.
      He is in charge of Bicycle research and data collection
      warm greetings
      Jan Gehl

      Den 28/11/2006 kl. 9.50 skrev On@..., Behalf@..., Of@..., Mark@..., Dorney@...:


      On Behalf Of Mark Dorney

      I'm interested to learn of any published reports on bicycle travel time

      surveys anywhere, but especially any where the reported time is a good

      average of the cycling population, taking into account the variation

      between cyclists.


      The small number of surveys I've unearthed do not seem to have considered

      this. Some even seem to base their cycle speed on one cyclist travelling

      the route once!


      Background info......

      My unit at work has been involved in the collection of travel time data on

      major arterial routes in south-east queensland for the last three years.


      We do peak hour comparisons between bus, car and rail. We do five runs on

      each of five days over the two hour peak period to create our average

      travel times for each route.


      Next year (2007) we'd like to include bicycle travel times for comparison.

      In some cases the bicycle travel will be on-road, in others on parallel

      off-road facilities. We're currently doing a pilot survey.


      For the same cyclist on different days, we don't expect there to be as

      much variation as for car. The bigger issue is probably the variation

      between cyclists.


      Cheerful Regards

      Mark Dorney

      Jan Gehl, Arkitekt.m.a.a., Professor, Dr.Litt.,

      Damstien 27

      Dk 2720, Vanløse


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