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659NECTAR 2007 conference-announcement (UTSG)

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  • Pedro Abrantes
    Sep 11, 2006
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      On Behalf Of Pedro Abrantes

      Dear Colleagues,

      We would like to draw your attention to the ninth NECTAR conference
      taking place on 9/12 May 2007 in Porto. The conference is organized by
      the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) and expects
      to gather researchers and academics from several different countries
      covering a wide range of topics. Further details on the event are
      available on the website www.nectarporto.com.

      The NECTAR Conference is the major international event of the Network on
      European Communication and Transportation Activities Research and
      includes the following themes:

      * Transportation chains

      * Transport behaviour

      * Transitions and innovations in transport

      * Transport and land use

      * Freight transport

      * Technology and transport

      * Environmental and safety aspects of transport

      * Networks in energy markets

      * Transport policy and regulation

      * Transport and equity

      * Labour markets and transport

      * Network dynamics

      Information for authors is available from the website:

      We look forward to hosting you in Porto for an interesting and rewarding

      Best regards,

      Pedro Abrantes


      NECTAR Conference 2007

      Organizing Committee

      Centro de Investigação do Território, Transportes e Ambiente

      Departamento de Engenharia Civil

      Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

      Rua Dr Roberto Frias s/n

      4200-465 Porto Portugal



      Please forward this email to others you think might find it

      interesting and/or useful.
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