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642Re: WorldTransport Forum scenarios for mobility levels in 2050

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  • Lee Schipper
    Aug 3, 2006
      John, kindly download from our web site (www.embarq.wri.org) our papers
      on cars in China. we have presented an unholy future for 2020 that
      foresess less than 1/2 the car ownership of other "forecasts", suggests
      that city congestion and honest car restraints will reduce km/car
      greatly, and propose that such cars will be small and clean. Cust
      overall oil use by more than 75% over the business as usual forecasts
      everyone is pushing. Enjoy!

      Lee Schipper
      Director of Research
      EMBARQ, the WRI Center
      for Sustainable Transport
      Washington DC
      +1202 729 7735
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      From: John Whitelegg [mailto:John.Whitelegg@...]

      Eric (please can you circulate this widely through all your networks. I
      be very grateful)

      I am currently struggling with trying to work out probable/likely
      scenarios for
      mobility levels in 2050 globally (to include China, India and other

      I am also thinking of a special issue of WTPP focusing on a set of
      visions or
      scenarios for 2050. Basically "what will life be like in 2050".

      For now I am simply trying to access forecasts or scenarios that cover
      any or
      all of the following up to 2050:

      o car ownership

      o car use (mile driven per capita per annum)

      o car sales per annum

      o fuel use

      o trips by air per capita per annum

      o number of aircraft

      If anyone can help with pointers or reports or data sets of relevance to
      task then please contact John Whitelegg


      many thanks

      very best wishes