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631Re: WorldTransport Forum Comment on WTPP Vol 12, No. 3

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  • Anzir Boodoo
    Jul 24, 2006
      On 23 Jul 2006, at 23:35, Jay Corrales wrote:
      > Hi Lee,
      > Yes, I agree that currently there is a lot of dirty electricity
      > production which would have to be considered as you look for a true
      > alternative, but what I see in the near future is that electricity
      > could be mostly derived from clean energy sources such as solar and
      > wind power. I think an opportunity could exist for a bus depot
      > with a solar panel array to charge vehicles and supply extra energy
      > to the electricity grid.
      > Sorry to be so off tangent now... but I also have read that
      > electric-powered vehicles are much cheaper to maintain than
      > internal combustion vehicles (I haven't done much research on this
      > yet, but I believe they mention it in "Who Killed The Electric
      > Car"). I also see the possible opportunity for the using
      > integrated solar panels on the roof as well.
      While it would help, the electricity requirements for electric
      traction of vehicles are massive.

      I was surprised to read that the huge solar array on the roof of the
      new Berlin Hauptbahnhof station will generate at most 5% (five
      percent) of the station's electricity needs - though with hundreds of
      electric trains calling every day, perhaps it's not surprising at all...

      I have been involved in an informal railway think piece for years,
      and we've not managed to work out how to generate a railway's
      electricity requirement "internally" without large amounts of extra
      land for wind turbines and biomass burning. I believe even to supply
      diesel trains with biodiesel will require a huge investment in
      processing facilities as those that exist already are stretched to

      Anzir Boodoo MRes MILT Aff. IRO
      transcience, 72 Staplehurst, BRACKNELL RG12 8DD
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