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630Re: WorldTransport Forum Comment on WTPP Vol 12, No. 3

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  • Jay Corrales
    Jul 23, 2006
      Hi Lee,

      Yes, I agree that currently there is a lot of dirty electricity production which would have to be considered as you look for a true alternative, but what I see in the near future is that electricity could be mostly derived from clean energy sources such as solar and wind power.  I think an opportunity could exist for a bus depot with a solar panel array to charge vehicles and supply extra energy to the electricity grid.

      Sorry to be so off tangent now... but I also have read that electric-powered vehicles are much cheaper to maintain than internal combustion vehicles (I haven't done much research on this yet, but I believe they mention it in "Who Killed The Electric Car").   I also see the possible opportunity for the using integrated solar panels on the roof as well.

      Jay Corrales
      Board of Directors
      Move San Diego
      San Diego, CA, USA

      Lee Schipper wrote:
      I had a great ride on the Brisbane line in 2003 * I dont think there is a simple way of measuring footprints * in Australia,
      China, India, the majority of electric power comes from coal. Is that clean?  
      Lee Schipper
      Director of Research
      EMBARQ, the WRI Center
      for Sustainable Transport
      Washington DC
      +1202 729 7735
      jay@... 7/23/2006 1:27 PM >>>
      Hi Ken,
      What do you think about the Bus Rapid Transit system in Brisbane, AU?  
      While I prefer rail, it seems that the BRT system offers a lot in the 
      way of flexibility.  Also, when running on the alternative fuels or even 
      electricity, I believe it can be very clean in regards to emissions.
      Although I am not versed in the impact of roads.  If anyone has any 
      insight in regards to the impact of road building vs. rail construction 
      (and also the effects of tunneling), I would be much appreciative.
      Jay Corrales
      Move San Diego Board of Directors
      San Diego, CA, USA
      Ken.Crispin wrote:
      We would like to see more focus on rail rather than road, as it is the 
      much cleaner environmentally sustainable mode of transport that leaves 
      a smaller footprint on the environment also.
      Ken Crispin. Project Manager.
      Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre In'c.
      Napier. NZ.
      clean.air@... <mailto:clean.air@...>

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