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63Latest information from the Shell Foundation Workshop preparations

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    May 31, 2001
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      If you are interested in following the email exchanges that are taking place in
      support of the Shell Foundation Workshop to make some decisions about their new
      Sustainable Transportation Centre which is to take place here in Paris next
      week, you have a couple of choices.

      1. Probably the quickest and most effective option is just to sign into the
      Message Centre that is handling the Workshop. This you can do by addressing a
      blank email to Newmob@yahoogroups.com You then will be sent either the
      individual emails or the daily digest, at your choice (you can also chose the
      "No email/Web only" option, but since this means you will have to go directly to
      the mail room to look around, you can do this anyway simply by clicking the
      Discussion Forum link under the Workshop heading on the menu of

      2. The second is just that: simply click into the Discussion Forum from time to
      time to see how things are working out.

      3. Then there is Yikes!, our @New Mobility e-magazine, which is being given over
      entirely to supporting this event. Each day we are giving the floor to an idea,
      group or recommendation that we feel the Shell people should be giving serious
      attention to. You may have some ideas for us on that as ell.

      In any event, you will find clear indications as to how all this can work best
      for you under the Workshop link on the menu. And if you care about World
      Transport Policy and Practice, then this is going to be a useful tool for you.
      And an important time to make your voice heard,

      Eric Britton

      The @New Mobility Forum is permanently at http://newmobility.org
      The Commons ___Sustainable Development and Social Justice___
      Le Frene, 8/10 rue Joseph Bara, 75006 Paris, France
      Eric.Britton@... Tel: +331 4326 1323