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627Re: WorldTransport Forum Comment on WTPP Vol 12, No. 3

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  • Jay Corrales
    Jul 23, 2006
      Hi Ken,

      What do you think about the Bus Rapid Transit system in Brisbane, AU?  While I prefer rail, it seems that the BRT system offers a lot in the way of flexibility.  Also, when running on the alternative fuels or even electricity, I believe it can be very clean in regards to emissions.

      Although I am not versed in the impact of roads.  If anyone has any insight in regards to the impact of road building vs. rail construction (and also the effects of tunneling), I would be much appreciative.

      Jay Corrales
      Move San Diego Board of Directors
      San Diego, CA, USA

      Ken.Crispin wrote:

      We would like to see more focus on rail rather than road, as it is the much cleaner environmentally sustainable mode of transport that leaves a smaller footprint on the environment also.


      Ken Crispin. Project Manager.

      Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre In'c.

      Napier. NZ.




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