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  • P. Christopher Zegras
    Jul 10, 2006
      Hi Dave,

      I'd be happy to see a copy of your APT paper.

      Thanks and regards,

      Chris Zegras
      Quoting Tramsol@...:

      > My cause celebre - I did a paper for Sustrans - converting their Safe Routes
      > to Stations (which has an immediate bias to rail) to Access to Public
      > Transport. Thie views the whole journey - with more than just the
      > walking & cycling,
      > we also need to put the information in the right places.
      > How many of you lot, reading this in institutions, can hand on heart say the
      > a visitor or staff member can simply look at a screen in reception or their
      > office and decide when they are heading off to the nearest bus stop
      > or station
      > (which will be a known 5 -10 minute trip on a direct route) to catch a bus,
      > tram or train, how many big developments match the lifts in Canary
      > Wharf where
      > you can see what platform and when your next DLR departure is set to leave
      > from. In shopping malls are there displays like that in Bristol
      > (Colston Down)
      > giving bus and rail departures from the stops outside (and places to park a
      > trolley when you've taken your shopping to the bus (plenty in the car park
      > though!)) Alternatively to make a serious reduction in the wandering
      > trolley numbers
      > why don't supermarkets offer pack-flat shopping 'carts' which you can wheel
      > on to the bus, and take back home to keep for the next shopping trip
      > - we used
      > to have these big-time in the past when car ownership was low and people went
      > shopping on foot and public transport, nice wicker baskets on wheels, handy (
      > per Flanders & Swann - Seven Ages of Woman) "for shopping, coal, and washing,
      > it has every kind of use; on its own in perfect silence it will ladder ladies
      > nylonce (sic) when they try to push in front of me in queues"
      > The whole you have to ride a bike movement must not be pressed in isolation -
      > a parallel is when a family is forced to give up their car for a week, and
      > painfully do cold turkey waiting for buses and complaining at the price of
      > single full price fares, as they try and live the same schedules that
      > they would
      > have done by car, like shopping at the same out of town stores, and like the
      > gullibles they were with a car trying to do the distribution for the
      > retailer for
      > free with the items they have just bought. Those who live car free or car
      > light don't do it like this, like all the best people we get everything
      > delivered to us, and our time being so valuable we make sure someone
      > is transporting
      > us....
      > I can attach my APT solutions paper - although it is a bit dated now,
      > off-list
      > Dave Holladay
      > Glasgow
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