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61Help the Shell Foundation to do good with their new Sustainability Transportation program

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    May 28, 2001
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      Dear Friends and Colleagues,

      This is to invite you to follow and perhaps if you chose participate actively in
      an international workshop that is to be held here in Paris next week, on June
      8th, on the topic of sustainable transportation. The workshop has been called
      by the Shell Foundation who are bringing together a group of about thirty
      experts from various places around the world to ask their counsel and guidance
      on some sustainable transportation projects and programs that they are
      eventually interested in funding in this important area of society and

      Now, it occurred to us that a certain number of you might like not only to know
      about this but also possibly to make your voice heard. With this in mind - and
      in the knowledge that our broad community of international colleagues with some
      much valuable experience and such diverse backgrounds and views of this topics
      have much to say that can help the organizers - we have tried to figure out a
      way in which we might be able to convey these views and suggestions to the

      To this end, we have just set up a little "virtual conference" support section
      in the @New Mobility site which you can now reach via http://ecoplan.org/access
      If you go to the menu and punch June 8th Conference toward the bottom it should
      pretty much explain itself. And of course if you have other, possibly better
      ideas for us on any of this, please let us hear from you.

      I am convinced that this is a great opportunity for the organizers and look
      forward with real interest to seeing how this works itself out.

      Eric Britton

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