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563Sustainable Transport indicators

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  • Carlos F. Pardo SUTP
    Feb 13, 2006

      Dear all,


      The talk I mentioned on Sustainable transport definitions and indicators is available from WRI website at http://embarq.wri.org/en/ConferencesDetail.aspx?ID=43 .I reproduce the text below,


      10:45 – 12:15              The Vision:  Sustainable transport for people.  What do people want, and how do they know if they are getting it?

      What is a definition of sustainable transport in terms that can used to assess problems, identify and evaluate options for solving them? How does one measure sustainability? EMBARQ’s Partnership for Sustainable Urban Transport, and the World Bank’s Transport Indicators, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and others define the problem.


      • Lee Schipper, EMBARQ
      • Prof. Madhav Badhami, McGill Univ
      • Henry Malbran, SECTRA, Santiago de Chile
      • David Kriger, ITRANS, Ottawa
      • Peter Roberts, World Bank
      • Duncan Eggar, British Petroleum Sustainable Mobility

      Madhav Badami - Definition, Measurement, Issues.pdf

      Henry Malbran - Sustainable Transport for People - Our Vision in Chile.pdf

      David Kriger - Measuring Sustainable Transport.pdf

      Peter Roberts - Urban Transport Global Indicators.pdf



      Best regards,



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