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54World Transport Policy & Practice, Vol 6, No. 4 -- quarterly announcement

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  • ecopl@n.adsl
    Feb 24, 2001
      The Journal of World Transport Policy & Practice, a quarterly journal edited
      by John Whitelegg, is pleased to announce that Volume 6, Number 4, 2000 has
      just been just placed on line at the e-Journal site as a 383 Ko PDF file at
      [http://www.ecoplan.org/wtpp/wt_index.htm%5d. You are welcome to
      browse the site for other back issue, such as our special issue on transport
      in Calcutta [Volume 3, Number 3] . (However, beware as this is a 1.2 MB PDF

      This latest edition of the Journal is available free of charge as Adobe
      Acrobat PDF files on the Internet at
      [http://www.ecoplan.org/wtpp/wt_index.htm%5d. This policy of open
      distribution is intended help it to reach a wider readership, encompassing
      advocates and activists as well as academics and advisers. While the
      Journal is made freely available on the Web, institutional subscribers and
      individuals with good salaries are asked to support the Journal through
      voluntary subscriptions as explained on the site. These contributions allow
      us to make the journal available freely to students and people working in
      the developing countries who otherwise would find the $120 annual an
      insuperable barrier.

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      Contents of Volume 6, Number 4, 2000:

      John Whitelegg

      The outside world as a learning environment: Perspectives from
      town planning
      Helmut Holzapfel

      Modal Practices: From the rationales behind car & public transport use to
      coherent transport policies Case studies in France & Switzerland
      Vincent Kaufmann

      Demand characteristics & co-operation strategies for the bicycle & railway
      transport chain
      Tilman Bracher

      Bürgerbahn statt Börsenbahn Über den Bankrott der Verkehrspolitik
      Johannes Hauber, Andreas Kleber, Heiner Monheim, Jürgen Rochlitz & Winfried

      Sustainable Mobility: How to move more goods from road to rail a comparison
      Germany & Britain
      Holger Dalkmann

      Book Review
      Author & Title Index to Volume 6, 2000
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      quarterly announcements.

      The Journal of World Transport Policy & Practice
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