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503"Principal Voices" - Getting the message of sustainable transportation across to a world audience

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  • Eric Britton
    Jul 8, 2005

      Dear Friends,


      Please forgive me for my tiresome insistence on this, but I would like to ask you kindly to send a signed message pointing up the importance of the concept of sustainable transportation to comments@... which is the discussion forum of  the on-going CNN/Fortune/Time/Shell www.PrincipalVoices.com media project which describes itself in these words: “Principal Voices is a project aimed at stimulating discussion on some of the major challenges facing our world today.”


      Here are several bits of quick background that you may wish to consult before posting your messages:


      1.       Their program statement viz. transportation -- http://www.principalvoices.com/transport.html

      2.       Messages to date on this topic - http://www.principalvoices.com/comments-transport.html

      3.       Our position on this (summary): http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kyoto2020/message/91


      If you click to # 2, you will see that good message of our colleague Carlos Pardo which gives us a good start.  But my hope is that we will bombard them and thus make the absolutely essential point that the sustainability agenda is, must be, central to all our transportation decisions in the future.  The alternative being untenable and in a responsible democratic society unacceptable.


      You are most patient with me on this.


      Eric Britton