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472ZeroCarbonCity campaign

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  • Lloyd Wright
    Mar 1 7:55 PM
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      Another new climate change network for cities...


      100 cities join climate rescue network
      Tuesday, March 1, 2005 Posted: 11:55 AM EST (1655 GMT)

      LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Britain launched a campaign on Tuesday to tackle
      the global climate change crisis through the sharing of information between
      100 cities in 60 countries from Argentina to Vietnam.

      The network includes cities of the world's biggest polluter the United States,
      which has rejected the Kyoto climate change treaty, as well as China which is
      not bound by the treaty and Russia which has signed up but dislikes it.

      The ZeroCarbonCity campaign is based on cities being the biggest consumers of
      electricity and therefore the main generators of greenhouse gases that are
      warming the world towards what many see as looming Armageddon.

      "Focusing activities on cities will generate fresh perspectives on the climate
      issue, building awareness of the challenges and of the potential solutions,"
      Neil Kinnock, chairman of the British Council, said to launch the campaign.

      "ZeroCarbonCity shifts the emphasis of attention towards mitigation,
      adaptation and practical measures that can be taken," he added.

      It will involve an exhibition that will travel to all 100 cities highlighting
      successes and failures from cutting traffic congestion and vehicle emissions
      to insulating buildings, backed by online discussion forums and city

      "It is multi-layered, covering all aspects of climate change from urban
      planning to personal lifestyles," a British Council spokeswoman said.

      The British Council is Britain's international organization for promoting
      education and cultural relations worldwide.

      British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has accepted that U.S. President George
      W. Bush will never sign up to Kyoto, has promised to put climate change at the
      top of the agenda for Britain's presidency of the G8 group of rich nations
      this year.

      His environment secretary Margaret Beckett welcomed the ZeroCarbonCity
      campaign as adding fuel to that initiative.

      Cities, as major concentrations of people, are a prime focus and have been
      identified as heat islands with temperatures several degrees higher than the
      surrounding countryside which in turn boosts energy usage from increased air
      conditioning use.

      Scientists say using fossil fuels to generate electricity is the major driver
      of man-made global warming.

      The Kyoto climate change treaty to curb carbon emissions finally came into
      force two weeks ago, but critics say it is too little too late with the United
      States refusing to sign up and developing nations having only to pay lip