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43Special Journal issue: Walk to School

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  • ecopl@n.adsl
    Sep 29, 2000
      This is to let you know that we have just this week taken the first steps
      with a fine and fast growing group of international collaborators to prepare
      a Special Issue of the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice for
      the second half of 2001 on the, we think timely and important, topic of
      "Walk to School".

      You will find full details on this project on our Children on the Move! site
      at http://ecoplan.org/children, as well as a short announcement in the
      Future Editions section of the electronic edition of the Journal itself (at

      We invite you to have a look, and of course to share with us your ideas and
      suggestions for this cooperative effort. Does it touch on anything which is
      of direct interest to you and your collaborators? Might you somehow wish to
      get involved in some aspect of the project? Do you have anything on line or
      planned for which some aspects of the project or the Journal might be of
      direct use?

      A high priority concern at this point is to extend coverage to the
      non-English language world. We are aware that there are some great and
      interesting things gong on along these lines in other language areas and
      countries, and we really need to make sure that we get full and fair
      coverage of these. But for this we are going to need help.

      So have a look and do let us know what you think. And should you have any
      ideas for a Special or Joint Edition on some other topic, let us know about
      that too.

      With kind regards,

      Eric Britton

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