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4[wtpp] World’s largest, short sustainable cit transport pro ject to date - Critical essays invited

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Jan 28, 2000
      - The world’s largest, fastest sustainable city transport operation to date

      -- Kindly circulate this message --

      At 6:30 in the morning on Thursday 24 February 2000, a city of 7 million
      people that until now has been making do with a transportation system no
      better, no worse than those of most cities in the Third World (or anywhere
      else in fact), will begin a 13 hour living laboratory experiment the goal of
      which is to see if the people and the institutions of their city can imagine
      another better….. Bogotá.

      The project, as many of you may know, is the Bogotá Car Free Day, and your
      best source of information on this for now at least is the Car Free Day site
      here at http://www.ecoplan.org/carfreeday/
      <http://www.ecoplan.org/carfreeday/> . Since the information on the site
      really is very comprehensive, there is no reason that I should take any more
      of your time with further background here.

      Here is our proposal to you and reason for writing this morning:

      Today we are opening a “Tribune” section in which we are welcoming critical
      comments and suggestions, including in essay or working paper form, from
      thinkers and practitioners coming from many disciplines and parts of the
      world, on this tough but in my view at least terribly courageous and
      potentially useful real life experience. We welcome commentary, positive,
      negative and maybe just wondering, from the following disciplines,
      backgrounds and concerns:

      * Transport planners and experts
      * Traffic engineers
      * City planners
      * Environmentalists and sustainable development specialists
      * Doctors, hospitals, emergency room practitioners, and public health
      * Experts in local government, including new forms of governance and
      * Behavioral psychologists
      * Social workers
      * Game theorists
      * The media (new and traditional)
      * Representatives of the auto industry and manufacturers of public
      transportation systems
      * People who work with the Web and practical applications of the
      Information Society
      * Academics of all kinds
      * Concerned citizens
      * and yes, even economists…

      Commentary is welcome in any language, preferably though in either Spanish
      or English or any of the others (German, French, Italian, Portuguese) which
      are readily handled by our Quick Translate utility.

      If you yourself do not have an idea for this, may we ask you to circulate
      this note to those of your most thoughtful colleagues who might have some
      ideas or points of view to share with us, and of course to challenge us in
      this initiative. Likewise, if you can think of any press or media contacts
      who might be mobilized for this initiative – and again, we welcome coverage
      whether it is favorable or rotten – please do feel free to do what you can
      to bring them to the fiesta as well.

      And have YOU signed the Bogotá Guest Book. Have a look at it. Some very
      impressive, thoughtful people and groups have already got behind the
      project. As well they should.

      Thanks for joining in and helping. If this project is to succed, as it must
      and will, it will be in at least a small part because of the international
      support that is coming in for this great idea.

      Eric Britton
      (Almost an economist)