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381Re: [New Mobility/WorldTransport Forum] WBCSD report - Report Contributions

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  • tara.bartee@dot.state.fl.us
    Aug 3, 2004

      Your list of "opportunities" is quite helpful. My thoughts on your list in

      Paratransit , as in door to door service, is quite expensive. It works
      best as an adjunct to a fairly good line haul system of rail and bus.
      Thus, as in New York, most trips are on transit, and paratransit's
      availability for special situations makes it really possible to really
      live without a personal car.
      "new technologies" such as real time information will encourage greater
      use, while others, such as signal priority, will improve operations and
      make transit a more realistic alternative for people who have choices.
      Business support for implementation and standardization could be very
      Carsharing seems squirrely to me. The little I have seen was not
      convincing. However, car rentals by the hour instead of by the day
      might have potential.
      This could be a surrogate for the status quo.
      I could not agree more. Progressive business/government partnerships
      will be essential in coaxing change out of risk averse institutions.
      Support would be good. Cash would be better. Allowing taxes to rise so
      that alternatives to autos are realistic alternatives would be best.

      Change is hard. Change now for the sake of the next generation is a really
      tough sell. The business community is good at selling things. Perhaps
      they could apply some of that skill to selling change.

      A business group with a goal of supporting sustainable transportation could
      work toward that by including sustainable transport methods in their
      coolest ads for whatever they are selling. As in: the backdrop for an ad
      is a modern commuter train whizzing through a pastoral scene worthy of a
      Lexus commercial. Such a group would spurn ads that portrayed transit
      users as harried losers on an overcrowded conveyance.

      A business group with a goal of supporting sustainable transportation could
      work toward that by responding rationally to short sighted and knee jerk
      reactions to taxes necessary to subsidize sustainable transport. Public
      transport is a big part of sustainability and will need to be subsidized
      for some time, at least until the economic dynamics of land and energy

      Tara Bartee
      Public Transit Office FDOT
      Voice 850-414-4520
      FAX 850-414-4508
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