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315New Mobility Agenda: developments and events

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Jul 1, 2004
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      1.       Coming Events: If you go to the Agenda today you will see that the Coming Events page now contains information on two new mobility events in the coming months that may interest some of you: the MO.VE forum that will take place in Venice in October, and the International Conference on Sustainable Transportation in the Developing Countries, in Abu Dhabi in Late January.  You will find full background and contact information in both cases.

      2.       Your events: Are you organizing or planning something that may be of international intersts that should be brought to the attention of the group. Let us know.

      3.       North America tour:  I am presently laying the base for a series of presentations and workshops over July and August in North America to support and challenge the ideas set out in the New Mobility Agenda (and in particular  if you go to the menu to the summary that you will see under In Brief/The Five Pillars link on the menu). The only city nailed down thus far is Boston, with some first discussions in Portland and Seattle, but I will be in touch with the group shortly with a bit more background on this.