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30Car Free City Annual Honor Roll

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  • ecoplan (paris)
    Jul 11, 2000
      The Sunday call for ideas and support of this concept has received an
      enthusiastic and informed reception - to the point where we have now set up
      a special site for the discussions which you can access by going first to
      The Commons at http://www.ecoplan.org and from there clicking CarFree Honor
      Roll on the menu.

      To support the discussions in one convenient place, we have opened up the
      @ccess on the Web Forum at access-forum@egroups.com, which address you can
      use to post letters and materials which may help this group effort. You no
      longer need to sign in or join in order either to post or access the various
      sections of this site. If you have enclosures, however, I would ask you to
      post them to me directly at the below address. Better still, if you can
      just give us the link.

      Again, the goal is to have enough information, structure and common sense in
      hand so that a good pair of lists can be prepared (not to forget the Badge
      of Shame nominees as well) for a high profile announcement on the occasion
      of both the @World Car Free Day on September 21st and the European Car Free
      Day on the 22nd.

      One idea might be to have Country Lists and nominations as well, to spur,
      pinch and push cities on to do better. So often emulation helps do the
      trick, especially when the example, good or horrid, is right close at hand.

      There is quite a bit of work to be done to make this one stick, so if you
      have ideas, time and the will, it will be great to have you join us.

      Eric Britton

      The Commons ___ technology, economy, society ___
      Le Frene, 8/10 rue Joseph Bara, 75006 Paris, France
      Eric.Britton@... URL www.ecoplan.org
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