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26New carshare report + Progress on Web site

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  • Eric Britton
    Jul 4, 2000
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      (1) A hefty new 190 page "Field Test Report" from CarLink has just been
      placed in the Carshare Library. This is a 2 Mo PDF file under the name:
      CarLink 2000 report.pdf. The document includes a Member's Manual, and the
      sections on Concussions and Future Research make interesting reading.

      (2) We are trying to make our Web sites more user friendly, and have taken
      the entry pages of The Commons as our point of departure. It would be kind
      if you would have a look (http://www.ecoplan.org) and give us your views and
      suggestions - since we intend to transfer the basic format to this site as

      (3) You will note at present that things do not work out very well in
      Netscape Navigator. Is that a problem for you?

      (4) Finally, we would live to find a 'better than eGroups' solution for the
      various support functions for the site. This includes not only the various
      communications functions, but also space for the library, the links and
      media sections, etc. Any ideas or candidates for us?

      Thanks for letting us know. Whatever we do here and share with you is
      cobbled together based on just this kind of feedback.