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242Re: [WorldTransport Forum] sign on: urge better emissions controls in WB hand...

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  • Tramsol@aol.com
    Mar 31, 2004

      I've not the time to wade through all the detail but a couple of points I suspect will be missed - It sounds very mauch that the World Bank is still focussed on movement of vehicles and not people - remember the oft-repeated slogan of cyclists when the word motor is omitted in descriptions of motor traffic "We are the traffic" 

      The other is that it also still sounds like they need to sit down with the writings of Henry George for a week or so and ponder whether all this orgnaisation of manufaturing into 'economically viable units' actually makes the population as a whole poorer by creaijng the inequality of those who have through working to produce one product, lost the time and resources to provide themselves with bread & wine and so have to work more to earn the money to pay for this.  We have created a position where we are forced to make journies and the slogan 'Is your journey really necessary?'  should be printed on every air, rail and probably bus ticket...

      Dave Holladay