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227Re: [WorldTransport Forum] Nomination for the WTN 2004 Environment Prize - Ken Livingston and the London road pricing crew

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  • Jan Gehl
    Mar 21, 2004
      Dear Eric
      Good Idea. I support it

      Jan Gehl
      Professor, Dr.Litt
      Center for Public Space Research
      School of Architecture
      The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

      (Member of the Public Realm Advisory Board organized by Greater London
      Authority to transfer the roadspace left empty due to the Congestion
      Charge into improving quality for other groups of City Users in Central
      London i.e. pedestrians and bicyclists)

      Den 17/3-2004, kl. 6.06, skrev <eric.britton@...>:

      > Paris, Wednesday, March 17, 2004
      > On my way out the door for a conference on sustainable transportation,
      > carsharing and a few other possibly related things (check it out under
      > Events in the World Carshare Consortium at http://worldcarshare.com), a
      > ‘bright’ idea came to me.
      > I think that I am going to take advantage of some leverage that I
      > happen
      > to have to nominate Ken Livingston and his road pricing team in London
      > for this years prestigious  WTN (World Technology Network) World
      > Technology Award for Environment.
      > Moreover, I thought that the whole thing might have even higher impact
      > if any of you who care to do so might lend your name to this
      > nomination.
      > All it would take could be your agreement that this is maybe not such a
      > bad idea and a quick email indicating that you are wiling to join me in
      > this.
      > Below is a bit of background on the Prize etc. which you may or my not
      > wish to take the time to read.
      > I look forward to your reactions.
      > Eric
      > ======================================================
      > For more information on the network and the Prize, I would point you to
      > http://www.wtn.net/.  Now as it happens, I am one of the small group of
      > people who are in a position to make this nomination.  And if that
      > sounds a bit puffed up to you, let me explain why.  In fact, in good
      > part (I believe) I was awarded this prize myself just month’s after our
      > June 2001 final events in Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable
      > Cities(see www.partnerships.stockholm.se) because of all SEVERAL
      > HUNDRED
      > OF US DID TOGETHER to make such a splendid event and network.  Unfair
      > really to be honest, since I was singled out for an honor that properly
      > belonged to all involved.  What I can say in my defense is that I
      > mentioned in my acceptance speech that this was above all a team
      > effort,
      > and that I considered myself merely an agent of the City of Stockholm
      > team under our energetic colleague Adam Holmstrom and his team, our
      > wonderful international jury, but, above all, all of you the project
      > teams.
      > To give you a better sense of what this is all about, let me quote the
      > WTN citation for the awards:
      > “The World Technology Awards have been created to honour those
      > individual leaders or, at times, co-equal teams from across the globe
      > who most contribute to the advance of emerging technologies of all
      > sorts
      > for the benefit of business and society. We especially seek to honour
      > those innovators who have done work recently which has the greatest
      > likely future significance and impact over the long-term... and who
      > will
      > likely become or remain "key players" in the technological drama
      > unfolding in coming years. These awards are not necessarily "lifetime
      > achievement" awards, nor are they particularly for individuals whose
      > work of greatest significance was less than recent. These are about
      > those individuals whose work today will, in our opinion, create the
      > greatest "ripple effects" in the future... in both expected and
      > unexpected ways.”
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      Damstien 27
      Dk 2720, Vanløse

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