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221Re: [WorldTransport Forum] Nomination for the WTN 2004 Environment Prize - Ken Livingston and the London road pricing crew

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  • Michael Yeates
    Mar 17, 2004
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      Count me in ... esp if he/you can get the 20mph default speed limit and the
      London cycling unit into widespread implementation in a big way too as part
      of the award ...!

      Michael Yeates
      Brisbane AUSTRALIA

      At 03:06 PM 17/03/2004, you wrote:
      >Paris, Wednesday, March 17, 2004
      >On my way out the door for a conference on sustainable transportation,
      >carsharing and a few other possibly related things (check it out under
      >Events in the World Carshare Consortium at http://worldcarshare.com), a
      >'bright' idea came to me.
      >I think that I am going to take advantage of some leverage that I happen
      >to have to nominate Ken Livingston and his road pricing team in London
      >for this years prestigious WTN (World Technology Network) World
      >Technology Award for Environment.
      >Moreover, I thought that the whole thing might have even higher impact
      >if any of you who care to do so might lend your name to this nomination.
      >All it would take could be your agreement that this is maybe not such a
      >bad idea and a quick email indicating that you are wiling to join me in
      >Below is a bit of background on the Prize etc. which you may or my not
      >wish to take the time to read.
      >I look forward to your reactions.
      >For more information on the network and the Prize, I would point you to
      >http://www.wtn.net/. Now as it happens, I am one of the small group of
      >people who are in a position to make this nomination. And if that
      >sounds a bit puffed up to you, let me explain why. In fact, in good
      >part (I believe) I was awarded this prize myself just month's after our
      >June 2001 final events in Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable
      >Cities(see www.partnerships.stockholm.se) because of all SEVERAL HUNDRED
      >OF US DID TOGETHER to make such a splendid event and network. Unfair
      >really to be honest, since I was singled out for an honor that properly
      >belonged to all involved. What I can say in my defense is that I
      >mentioned in my acceptance speech that this was above all a team effort,
      >and that I considered myself merely an agent of the City of Stockholm
      >team under our energetic colleague Adam Holmstrom and his team, our
      >wonderful international jury, but, above all, all of you the project
      >To give you a better sense of what this is all about, let me quote the
      >WTN citation for the awards:
      >"The World Technology Awards have been created to honour those
      >individual leaders or, at times, co-equal teams from across the globe
      >who most contribute to the advance of emerging technologies of all sorts
      >for the benefit of business and society. We especially seek to honour
      >those innovators who have done work recently which has the greatest
      >likely future significance and impact over the long-term... and who will
      >likely become or remain "key players" in the technological drama
      >unfolding in coming years. These awards are not necessarily "lifetime
      >achievement" awards, nor are they particularly for individuals whose
      >work of greatest significance was less than recent. These are about
      >those individuals whose work today will, in our opinion, create the
      >greatest "ripple effects" in the future... in both expected and
      >unexpected ways."
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