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183726 Oct. Update on World Transport Archives. And a question

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  • eric britton
    Oct 26, 2012
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      26 Oct. Update on World Transport Archives: Reference http://wp.me/p2PF75-38.


      In mid 1995 the first edition of the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice hit the streets. A compact 52 pages, it was introduced by an editorial by John Whitelegg as founding editor, with thought-proving original articles by Stefanie Böge (The well-travelled yogurt pot), Peter Newman (The end of the urban freeway), Paul Mees (Urban transport policy paradoxes in Australia), Leo Lemmers (How Amsterdam plans to reduce car traffic), Rudolf H.H. Pfleiderer & Martin Dieterich (New roads generate new traffic), Werner Rien and Michael Roggenkamp (Can trams carry cargo? new logistics for urban area), Peter Strutynski (A new approach to reducing road freight transport), Helmut Holzapfel (Violence and the car), and Michael Glotz-Richter (Living without a car).


      If you go today to the new (and still in process) edition of the World Transport Archives at http://worldtransportarchives.wordpress.com  and then work your way down the right menu to the last of the entries thus far been posted (or perhaps more easily just click to http://wp.me/p2PF75-38), you will be able to read freely and at leisure on your PC, Tablet or smart phone the full content of this outstanding first edition, with the other 65 editions till now to be brought on line in the coming weeks.


      The outstanding contribution of the WTPP Archives is that it is putting these important contributions into higher profile, along with providing a battery of search tools which are conveniently placed so that interested readers will be able to find their way quickly to specific topics, authors, numbers, countries, etc.


      Now here is my question to you this morning:  In your view is this a useful contribution?  And if so, may we have your counsel as to how to do a better job.  And finally, if you have a bit of time and taste for this sort of thing would you like to lend a hand to the somewhat meticulous work of getting all these materials on line in good order?  Think of this as a form of crowdsourcing. The secret weapon of democracy in the 21st century.


      Eric Britton




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