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1819"Thinking about Equity-Based Transport Systems: Get Ready to Embrace Complexity (or Get Off the Bridge)"

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  • eric britton
    Sep 8, 2012


      New comment waiting approval on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities


      Hi Eric,

      This is all brilliant work. And I will use it here in Halifax - we're about to elect a new Mayor and City Council in six weeks.

      I'd like to suggest a small but important semantic shift in conversing about our situations and solutions, from using the word "transportation" to using "mobility", going from "Thinking about Equity-Based Transport Systems: …" to "Thinking about Equity-Based Mobility Solutions: …"
      "Transportation" is first about the tools, is the semantic cloud of hardware (cars, roads, bridges) and rules of the road, .... .
      "Mobility" is the human objective, as is equity. What are we looking to do? Move ourselves, our families, friends, possessions from hither to yon... with human equity, as conveniently, safely, ecologically, & sanely as possible.

      Peter Zimmer
      General Manager, co-owner
      CarShareHFX , Halifax NS Canada


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